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What on Earth is going on here? Are they trying to impress Gou or something? Haha. 







That means free access to Photoshop CS2 - and that already has most of what you could ask for, really.
All you have to do is create a FREE ADOBE ID.
I am not sure about commercial use, but MAN. FUCKIN’ SWEET DUDE

Reblogging for the greater good.

I’m unlikely to pick it up as I honestly never use PS anymore, but here everyone who follows me. Free stuff.

oh wow this is perfect i was just lamenting that i’d have to buy creative suite for my new laptop WELP

Signal boost for any of my followers who need art programs!
The cs2 programs date back only a few years, and still have much of the functionality of today’s more modern ones. The differences between most of the versions are little more than slight modifications or additions of minor features, and UI changes. Go for it guys!!
Also, in case the page is down, here are the download links + serials.


I think I just heard the music of the spheres


my taste in boys go from





Kuroko no Basuke S2 Vol.6 Drama CD

Momoi, Aomine and Kise go shopping for Momoi's future 'date' with Kuroko. Hilarity, drama and cheese ensue.

FULL translation under ‘read more’. A big thanks to gintokis-nipples (translator) and aomination (audio host) for letting this happen. ♥

Please notify me if you plan to share the translation outside of Tumblr!

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Anonymous whispered: makogou and 20? 


20: Characters locked into a room for “Seven Minutes in Heaven” at a party… and the party-goers forget to let them out.

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SS Month-Day 31: Three Wishes

I have no idea what was the thought process behind this….I maybe thought “three wishes”, therefore “genie”, therefore “a thousand and one nights”?
Oh well here’s an arabian AU.

Omg this is so beautiful… I don’t even….

Good Morning (Sosuke/Gou)



I like to think that SouGou would be Sosuke teasing Gou a lot. He seems to have that sort of personality where he enjoys seeing Gou worked up, at least that’s the image I get from the first two episodes.

"Go away oniisan." Gou mumbled, swatting the hand that was touching her face away.

"Should I be worried that you think your brother would do this?" Sleep filled red eyes opened to see a tall, dark figure hovering over her.

"Go away Sosuke," Turning her head back to her pillow and closing her eyes. "before I call the police."

She felt the bed dip and his weight pressing lightly against her. “I am the police.” Peaking through her lashes, she saw him smirking down at her.

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… Something tells me Rin does not approve of this.


kise/momoi manga


Title: kise/momoi manga

Original Comic:  here



Pairing: Momoi Satsuki/Kise Ryouta

Artist’s Comments: It’s a horrible scribble manga done in pencil, so warning for that. I kept on thinking about the possibility of Kise/Momoi which made it all worse. Kise/Momoi is cute, Kise/Momoi. I love that the relationship between these two is one of indecision

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by an

lol she should totaly do it at least once









Guess who found another gem? ♥
This is actually part 1 of the Woolie costume comic that the artist was doing. Here’s link to part 2:

Part 2

Timeline: The Teikou Years


I’ve been looking for a Teikou-years timeline that includes the Teikou arc, since Kise no Copy is a divergence (to break the rules, first you have to learn them.)  I couldn’t find one, though, so I figured since I was building a timeline anyway, I’d share it.  

I started with the Teikou backstory arc, the backstory for Touou vs Kaijou, and the backstory for Kaijou vs Fukuda Sogo, and since then I’ve been incorporating various bits and pieces from throughout the rest of the manga and trying to fit them in the right places and in the right order. The seasons are pretty approximate and the months are only my best educated guesses, especially for Teikou’s third year, when a LOT of time goes by without any noticeable dates. Where I made educated guesses, I used scenery, clothing, and relative position to other events to try and figure out roughly what time of the year it was (thankfully Fujimaki-sensei likes to insert scenery shots/images as a placeholder for “time passes”.)

When there are explicit contradictions between sources, the manga/anime trumps all other sources.  When the anime and manga contradict each other, I try to resolve the contradiction in the most consistent way possible without resorting to actually accusing Fujimaki of retconning/tomochige (this is not always possible; timelines are something that both Fujimaki-sensei and I find hard, apparently.)  

In any case, this is my summary/version of the timeline of the Teikou years.  This timeline is updated often to reflect old/new material as I read/rediscover/remember it.  


  • Akashi Scans’ scanlations
  • various other sources used where Akashi Scans didn’t have scanlations available (Batoto has a huge list of scanlations in various languages; thanks for the tip, jcminwell!)
  • this Japanese timeline on Pixiv (thanks chippokenabokura!)
  • jcminwell's post noting things that didn’t make it into the actual Teikou arc or got retconned.
  • Begged help from friends with raws (chippokenabokura is the BEST EVER and has helped to clear up inconsistencies between the raws and scanlations multiple times <3)

If you find something in the raws or the scans that I’ve missed or some contradiction/misinterpretation, I am always open to new evidence; please mention the chapter number when contacting me. <3

Last edit: 11:40pm April 18 2014, Mountain Time. 

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There must be something wrong with me cause while reading this all I’m being is “OMG LOOK AT THE AKAMOMO MOMENTS” OTL 


KUROBAS CUP 2013: Street Basketball with Subtitles

Translation: Kuroko no Basuke DRAMA THEATER 2nd GAMES


Translated by Violinic
Please credit if you plan to share! ♥

Note: Sorry for any mistakes, strange wording, things I didn’t know how to translate, and the blinding pink that is my blog… I would suggest copying and pasting the translation to a text editor and reading it from there. XD The download for the .txt file is also available after the Read More.

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