the parfait prince nariko

Title: 桃フィアちゃん
Artist: 塩り*SCCも59b
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HaruGou: Short #6
“Iwatobi High School Host Club” [Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Fanfiction]
By Confused Panda Bear

Authors Note: A little present for Easter weekend :) An Ouran/Iwatobi crossover was long overdue! It’s silly and kind of crack-ish, but I had a lot of fun so I hope you guys like it!
Rating: T

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Anonymous whispered: What are your favorite aomomo moments from the replace novels? 


jeeesus anon there are too many reasons for the novels to be animated:

  • daiki steals satsuki’s indirect kiss with kuroko because he thinks the water bottle he took from her is, well, hers
  • daiki is the most tsundere knight ever (‘it’s not like i came here to get rid of these nasty guys hitting on you or anything’)
  • the ‘s/he’s not my girl/boyfriend!’ trope is abused to the point where pretty much everyone, their mother and dog think aomomo are dating (‘they’re quite a pair.*smirk*’ well yea)
  • every time satsuki ignores daiki because kuroko is right beside him, he flicks her forehead and tells her bitterly to stop ignoring him
  • at one point aho slides down a tree and satsuki runs to check his hands for injuries. as she’s fondling his palms, the intensity of her worry surprises him so much he actually asks her about it. when she says that she can’t have the teiko ace injured, aomine is… sad - like he expected a different answer from her
  • daiki pulls a scary prank on satsuki and she nearly trips in the dark -> he catches her -> HUGS HER -> RUBS HER BACK GENTLY to calm her down
  • 'sorry to disappoint, but i'm not tetsu' AOMINE TASTES OF BITTER BSBALL SWEAT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • aomomo go to a festival together in matching yukatas made for them by satsuki’s granny HNNNG
  • daiki wants satsuki to call him by his first name, just ‘daiki’
  • satsuki trolling daiki in the 3rd novel. pure gold, 11/10
  • daiki is apparently the only boy in the gom who can scare off satsuki’s numerous fanboys by merely walking beside her
  • 'aominecchi is your body guard? if you are with aominecchi, it’s quite hard to find the courage to flirt with you…’ <- kise ships it lmao
  • satsuki nearly misses her chance to spend the festival evening with gom boys because she has curfew but daiki saves her by offering to walk her home (in a very tsundere way obviously)
  • 'aomine, you know what you should do, i suppose? <- AKASHI ships it lmao

now you know why i pray daily for i.g. to make ovas based on the novels

A special recording {mako/gou}

I haven’t written in years… This fandom is changing me…٩( ŏдŏ)۶

Based on うぐいす fantasic makogou doujinshi!
English translated found on bionictree here

Fandom: Free!
Characters: Makoto, Gou 
Rating: G 
Summary: It’s Makoto’s birthday, following the footsteps of the other Iwatobi swim club members, Gou also made a special audio recording for the birthday boy.
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Midorima's Misfortune, a kuroko no basuke/黒子のバスケ fanfic | FanFiction

Ahhh I really loved the subtle aomomo in this *^* 

Make us freeなSplash!重ねた光のコントラスト浴びてCN: Parfait Nariko ( thanks: Matty Kim

Kuroko no Basuke -Replace III- novel G5 English translation


  • Once again sorry for the long wait guys! here is the 5th chapter from replace 3 (Yousen highschool)
  • lucky us REPLACE 2 CHAPTER 4 (TOUOu sleepless night) is also availabe now link below (Riffkaa tumblr)
  • read translated knb replace 1/2/3 (4* coming soon) HERE
  • we are lack of man power here (which is why it took us forever) if there is any translator that could read chinese or Japanese out there please do help T^T *proof reader for english needed too*

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Under Lock and Key- Rin's worst Nightmare


Summary: Gou is growing older and Rin grows more miserable.

Gou/Iwatobi Boys. Rin’s POV


Rin considers locking his sister away under lock and key away from boys.

He should’ve seen it coming. His baby sister was getting older and she was becoming a beautiful…

Finally Gou with everyone!!! (*^*)